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Noto come: Making a Living (Titolo Inglese)

Regista: Henry Lehrman

Paese: United States   Studio: Mutual Film

Durata: 12 minuti

Genere: Short, Commedia

Codec Video: H.265 HEVC   Rapporto: 4:3

Lingua: English   

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 - English

Trama: An out-of-work swindler takes a job as a reporter. After witnessing a car go over cliff, he grabs a rival reporter's camera and races to the newspaper office to enter the photo as his own. His rival is delayed when he gets caught in a woman's bedroom by her jealous husband. The swindler follows the distribution of the paper containing his 'scoop' around town where he is once again chased by the rival reporter. Both end up on the cow-catcher of a streetcar.

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Supporto: Media File   Fonte: Disco BluRay   Prestato: No   Dimensione file: 734 MB

Numero: 2416   Numero Personalizzato:   Percorso: X:\Charlot.Giornalista-1914\Charlot.Giornalista-1914-tt0004288.mkv


Charles Chaplin (come Swindler), Chester Conklin (come Policeman / Bum (non accreditato)), Charles Inslee (come Newspaper Editor (non accreditato)), Edgar Kennedy (come Wreck Bystander (non accreditato)), Virginia Kirtley (come Daughter (non accreditato)), Henry Lehrman (come Reporter (non accreditato)), Tammany Young (come Onlooker (non accreditato)), Emma Clifton (come Jealous Husband's Wife (non accreditato)), Alice Davenport (come Mother (non accreditato)), Minta Durfee (come Girl (non accreditato)), Billy Gilbert (come Jealous Husband (non accreditato)), Beverly Griffith (come Seated Man with Editor (non accreditato)), Grover Ligon (come Bald Man in Newspaper Office (non accreditato)), Edward Nolan (come Cop at Apartment Steps (non accreditato))