Æon Flux (2005)

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Paese: Stati Uniti, 88 minuti

Regista: Karyn Kusama

Genere(i): Azione, Avventura, Sci-Fi, Thriller


In prestito: No

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5.5/10 (119058 voti)

Risoluzione: 1024x576
Rapporto: 16:9 Widescreen
Codec Video: XviD

Lingua: Inglese
Audio: MPEG2 Layer 3 (MP3) - Inglese

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Trama: 400 years in the future, set in the year 2415, Aeon Flux is a mysterious assassin. Four centuries after a virus nearly annihilated the human race, leaving only five million survivors in a utopian city called Bregna. Aeon is struggling to destroy the Goodchild regime led by its namesake, Trevor Goodchild, the ruler of Bregna and a descendant of the man who found a cure for the deadly virus. As instructed by the Handler, Aeon is assigned to assassinate Goodchild, but there are deeper secrets to be discovered, and conspiracies to be foiled.


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