Charlot bugiardo (1914)

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Paese: USA, 22 minuti

Noto come: Caught in a Cabaret (titolo Inglese)

Regista: Mabel Normand

Genere(i): Racconto, Commedia


In prestito: No

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5.9/10 (1033 voti)

Risoluzione: 1424x1078
Rapporto: 4:3
Codec: H.265 HEVC

Lingua: Inglese
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 - Inglese

Dimensione: 1.27 GB
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Percorso: X:\Charlot.Bugiardo-1914\Charlot.Bugiardo-1914-tt0003758.mkv
Fonte: Disco BluRay

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Trama: Given an hour off from his job as a cafe waiter, Charlie rescues Mabel from a thug, is given an invitation to her home, and arrives presenting a card which falsely identifies him as the Greek Ambassador. Before he can get back to work, her parents invite him to a future garden party. Her jealous lover has Charlie followed back to the cafe. Charlie is a hit at the garden party but, as he leaves to return to work, the rival invites everyone to go with him to the cafe so Charlie will be exposed.


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