Il romanzo di Tillie (1914)

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Paese: USA, 85 minuti

Regista: Mack Sennett, Charles Bennett

Genere(i): Commedia


In prestito: No

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7.0/10 (3090 voti)

Risoluzione: 1440x1080
Rapporto: 4:3
Codec: H.265 HEVC

Lingua: Inglese
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 - Inglese

Dimensione: 4.67 GB
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Percorso: X:\Il.Fortunoso.Romanzo.Di.Tillie-1914\Il.Fortunoso.Romanzo.Di.Tillie-1914-tt0004707.mkv
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Trama: Charlie talks wealthy farmer's daughter Tillie into eloping with him (and taking her father's money). In the city Tillie gets drunk and lands in jail while Charlie runs off with her money and his old girlfriend Mabel. Later Charlie reads that Tillie (now working as a waitress) has inherited the estate of her multi-millionaire uncle. Charlie dumps Mabel and talks Tillie into moving into her uncle's villa, and Mabel arranges to become a housemaid there. The uncle (never really dead) returns and summons the police to have them all thrown out.


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