La notte che mia madre ammazzó mio padre (2016)

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Paese: Spagna, 94 minuti

Noto come: The Night My Mother Killed My Father (titolo Inglese)

Regista: Inés París

Sottotitoli: Italiano, Inglese

Genere(i): Commedia


In prestito: No

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6.3/10 (1097 voti)

Risoluzione: 1920x804
Rapporto: 2.40:1
Codec Video: H.265 HEVC

Lingua: Spagnolo
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - Italiano / Dolby Digital 5.1 - Inglese

Dimensione: 6.03 GB
Supporto: Media File
Percorso: X:\La.Notte.Che.Mia.Madre.Ammazzo'.Mio.Padre-2016\La.Notte.Che.Mia.Madre.Ammazzo'.Mio.Padre-2016-tt4480494.mkv
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Trama: Isabel is an actress recent in her 40 years old, unable to get new roles for movies or theaters, since then directors looking for younger women. She is married with the neurotic Ángel, a screenwriter who is working in his next cinema project with Susana, his producer and ex wife. After Isabel, Ángel, Susana and Carlos, Isabel's first husband, send away to them respective child to a school excursion, Isabel accepts to organize in her house a business dinner for Diego, an important Argentinian actor to negotiate his participation in the movie. During the dinner Carlos appears suddenly with a young girl called Álex, announcing their next wedding and moving to Brasil. But when a little time later Carlos dies unexpectedly, Ángel and Susana suspects of the guilty of Isabel, starting a series of events more maddened each time, along a long night where surprises seems not having end...


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