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Regista: Vin Diesel

Paese: United States   Studio: One Race

Durata: 105 minuti

Genere: Drammatico

Codec Video: MPEG-2 (DVD)   Rapporto: 4:3

Lingua: English   

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 - Italiano / Dolby Digital 2.0 - English

Sottotitoli: Italiano

Trama: Rick is frustrated by the repetitious grind of one-night stands and aimless hustling. Whilst looking for more to his life he meets Heather, a neighbour. Rick takes the opportunity to escape his boring life style with her, but soon finds that his volatile behaviour threatens to finish their relationship before it even really begins.

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Supporto: Media File   Fonte: Disco BluRay   Prestato: No   Dimensione file: 3.64 GB

Numero: 4892   Numero Personalizzato:   Percorso: X:\Strays-1997\Strays-1997-tt0149171.mkv


Vin Diesel (come Rick), Mike Epps (come Mike), Mihaela Kolich (come Danielle), Joey Dedio (come Fred), F. Valentino Morales (come Tony), Darnell Williams (come Keith), Eugene Osborne Smith (come Willie), Suzanne Lanza (come Heather), T.K. Kirkland (come Rodney), Temple Brooks (come Amy)